Monday, February 5, 2018

I Spy With My Little Eye - Outside-the-Box-Reader's-Advisory

Libraries that work closely with preschool and early elementary school teachers often receive requests for materials on the five senses.

While our first reaction might be to head into the information book collection and pull some series non-fiction on the senses, we can also get creative and use our superhero reader's advisory skills to celebrate the senses and provide materials that open kids eyes to the fab five in a tactile, sense-filled way.

Here are a couple of ideas on materials to include:

  • a book written in braille to highlight both touch and sight
  • an audioboook to focus on hearing
  • a DVD (maybe even on the senses!) to highlight sight and hearing
  • a few books on different foods (sweet, savory, bitter) to explore thinking about taste
  • a few books featuring onomatopoeia or sounds for hearing
  • a search and find book for sight
  • a book or story on musical instruments for hearing
  • a book and CD for sight and hearing
  • a musical CD for hearing
  • a board book that has textures in it for touch
  • a book in graphic novel format paired with its text format celebrates sight
The Nerdy Book Club blog just published a great list of books that highlight observation and perspective. Any of these would be great to include.

What are some of your outside-the-box suggestions for materials on the five senses?

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