Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Best Podcast Apps For Your Smartphone

A couple weeks ago, over at Review Geek, Jennifer Allen discussed the best podcast apps for your smartphone.  If you are a neanderthal like me you know about Apple Podcasts and maybe Google Play Music if you are an Android user.  (What can I say, I drive a car from the early 2000s and am stuck still rocking burned CDs.)

BUT, as Allen points out:
If you’re not enjoying the wealth of podcasts out there, you’re really missing out. Podcasts provide you with the experience of a radio show—ranging from in-depth information on a wide variety of subjects to light hearted comedy—but are available whenever and where ever you want to listen, if you have a good app to manage them that is.
So, check out her fabulous list and maybe recommend a few to teens or grown-ups at your library!

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