Thursday, September 20, 2018

WLA Conference 2018 - YSS WEDNESDAY Highlights

The WLA Conference is just around the corner and the youth services offerings are abundant!  Check out what is coming your way at WLA on Wednesday:


Keynote Address: Igniting Interest in Every Child at Every Level
La Crosse Center South Hall - Ballroom
Sybil Madison-Boyd, Ph.D.
How do we ensure that everyone is supported in their journey to discover their passions and abilities?  This keynote address identifies and generates ideas, tools and design approaches to impacting youth from our realms of influence in libraries. This collective conversation focuses on libraries as public spaces that have a unique power to ignite and propel interest and development at every level.

Bringing Teens to the Library Through Volunteering
Ashlee Kunkel, Milton Public Library
They say if you feed them, they will come. But what else brings teens to the library? Volunteer opportunities! Teens are constantly looking for volunteer hours, but libraries only have so many books to shelve and crafts to cut out. Ashlee from the Milton Public Library will talk about the ways she has encouraged teens to volunteer at the library, and, in doing so, has created some lasting and unique programs.

YSS Luncheon: Saying Yes All the Way to Mr. Lemoncello's Library: One Author’s ‘yes…and’ Life
Radisson Hotel La Crosse - Ballroom
Christopher Grabenstein, Author 
Chris demonstrates how obeying the cardinal rule of improv comedy (always saying, “Yes! And…”) has guided him from being a kid with a big imagination to becoming an award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author. Be prepared to laugh.

An Unexpected Partnership: Adult and Youth Programmers Teaming Up to Improve Early Literacy Rates
Phil Schomber, Hedberg Public Library, Janesville; Julie Westby, Hedberg Public Library, Janesville, Jeni Schomber, Beloit Public Library
Approximately one-third of children start school without the early literacy skills they’re going to need to succeed. The problem is even more acute in low income families. Sounds like a problem for the Youth Services department, right? Wrong. Find out why the Adult and Youth Services programmers at the Hedberg Public Library and Beloit Public Library teamed up to provide early literacy training for parents in their community’s Early Head Start program.

Makerspace Confidential
Josh Cowles, Fond du Lac Public Library
It’s not all 3D printers and rainbows but it’s a beautiful thing when it works. The Idea Studio at the Fond du Lac Public Library opened in 2016 and has been a place of continuous change since: from staffing to equipment to policy, staff buy-in and more. Join Josh for a candid discussion of successes, lessons learned and guiding principles that have seen us through all of it.

Existence and Resistance in Recent Young Adult Literature
Morgan Foster, UW-Milwaukee
In the 1960s, a growing spate of Black writers began writing books specifically for teens that spoke to their lived experiences; writers, including Walter Dean Myers, Julius Lester and illustrator Tom Feelings, wrote about contemporary issues facing urban Black teens. However, much of that literature was focused on the lives of Black males. Today, there is a growing number of young adult novels written by women of color that speak to the authentic, complex experiences of young women of color in the 21st century. Young adult books by Angie Thomas, Kekla Magoon and Erika Sanchez are a tool for resistance and a means of refusing dominant white power structures and standards. Even more importantly, these books, written in first person, also give voices to young women. These writers, and their characters, are more important now than ever, and indicate a refusal to stay silent about violence inflicted on them and their communities.

Youth Services Coding Collective
Caitlin Schaffer, Oconomowoc Public Library; Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, Department of Public Instruction, Madison
Learn more about coding with your trusted youth services peeps! Hear about the Youth Services Sections ʺ12 Months of Codingʺ resources and DPIs Coding Initiative for Public Libraries. Get your hands on some coding materials and wrap your head around doing coding events for kids/teens on any budget. This informal and fun session will transition to a youth services escape room experience with a coding theme. Newbies and coding pros equally welcome!

Youth Services Section (YSS) Social - Escape
Participate in an escape room experience similar to that of Mr. Lemoncello's Library! Team up with other youth services librarians from across the state and flex your puzzle-solving muscles, or simply take the opportunity to socialize and network.

 Early bird registration for the amazing conference continues through September 28

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