Thursday, November 17, 2016

What About Webcomics?

"What in the world is a webcomic?"
Recently, I posed this query to one of my TAG teens, and the responding look is one that I am growing incredibly familiar with.  It was a look of "Oh man, this lady is SO out of the loop."  Anyway, when we finally got past the significant disbelief in my apparently flagrant lack of knowledge on the subject, I was informed that webcomics are like, a Thing (yes, with a capital "T").  A webcomic is simply that, comics published on a website.  They can take various forms, from comic strips, to comic blogs, to full graphic novels.

Not sure if this format for comics really matters?  Well, Gene Luen Yang's Printz and Eisner winner,  American Born Chinese was originally published as a webcomic.

Not sure where to start exploring webcomics?  Here are some interesting intro sites and articles to get you started:

Want to read a webcomic?  Try one of these:

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