Monday, November 21, 2016

WLA Program Wraps - Preconference, State of WI YS Services and more!!

Sorry you missed the WLA conference? Please don't be! We are sharing slide decks from many of the youth programs offered (see below for links to other program slidedecks). This week, we have presentations from librarians around the state on great tips on school age services; a presentation on what's happening in our state in youth library services; a look at a successful program to serve teen moms and their babies and the results of a Play and Learn federal grant form libraries around the state.  Enjoy!

State of the State: WI Children's and Teen Services Update
Join our youth think tank! YSS, DPI and the CCBC will update you with the current status of library service for youth in our state. Then it's your turn to share. This active sharing/listening session will focus on YOUR needs as a youth library staffer and what our leading library organizations can do to support and improve library service for all youth in our state.

Preconference - Stellar School Age Services (3 slide decks)
The Youth Services Section and the Department of Public Instruction are proud to host this interactive and hands-on pre-conference about serving children ages 6-11 and their families. This full afternoon event will include brief TED-style talks, mini-discussions, and a showcase of passive programming ideas. Not to mention networking and sharing among the fabulous youth services community in Wisconsin libraryland!
Successful School Age Programming
Community Engagement
Tech Tac Toe

Books and Babies and Teens - Oh My
Are you looking to expand your outreach to a new population? Do you want to make a difference in young women’s lives and support them in creating literacy-rich home environments for their children? Programming for teen mothers may be for you! Hear about working with teen moms, see examples of program successes and failures, and learn why it’s important to reach out to this specific population.

Meeting the Challenge: Collection Development of Youth Materials
Should you buy a buzzed-about book if reviews point out serious shortcomings? How do you handle an award-winner that rubs you the wrong way? Are you uncertain after reading blog posts calling out books for racial insensitivity? Do worries about challenges make you hesitate with some titles or topics? This safe and instructive conversation will also explore the essential role intellectual freedom plays in the work you do every day. Library newbies and veterans welcome.

Play and Read
The Play and Read grant project is a collaboration between AmeriCorps Serve Wisconsin and the Department of Public Instruction to develop literacy skills through play for young children at the local public library. Play and Read aims to enhance early literacy skills of three and four year old economically disadvantaged children while engaging their families to promote a love of reading. Join our panel of experts from the seven participating Wisconsin public libraries to hear about our successes and our plans for continuing and expanding the program.

To see more slide decks, hit these links!
WLA Program Wraps 1
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