Sunday, March 11, 2018

Be a Mighty Presenter!

As you know, the call for conference programs for WLA in La Crosse, Oct 23-26 is out!

Here are some tips to make your proposals - and presentations more successful!:

DO have your idea and speakers firmly set before you write a proposal. That way, what you propose is what the audience gets.

DON'T be afraid to recruit others - especially from other libraries of other sizes or types or community partners  - to make a panel.

DO make sure you can attend the conference before you propose - nothing is worse for organizers than selecting your session and have you bow out.

DON'T just talk about how you run your library good. Seek out other panelists or points of view on social media to give your listeners a wide range of opinions and options to try.

DO practice your presentation for timing. Often, when nervous, a presenter will ramble and run overtime, leaving no time for audience questions.

DON'T just read the text off your slides or make slides text heavy. Toss in a photo, gif, image, quick quiz or other eye-catcher for your audience.

DO make sure your images and photos are either copyright free or you have obtained permission to use them.

DON'T go over an agreed-upon time limit for your part on a panel. That ensures everyone's voice is heard and no one is rushed after you.

DO use the microphone. Even if you have a big voice, many people have hearing difficulties in echo-y conference rooms.

DON'T put a gif in your last slide if that is what the audience will see during questions and comments. It will draw attention away from you and the discussion onto a projected fidget-spinner.

DO bounce your idea for a proposal with colleagues or YSS board members. Crowd-sourced wisdom is valuable!

DO jump in with a proposal.  Everyone loves to hear new voices, approaches and ideas!

DON'T be a presenter hog. No one likes to see the same person presenting again...and again...and again...and again. Recruit new folks to share THEIR voices.

The conference committee looks forward to hearing from you!!

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