Thursday, May 31, 2018

8 Teen-Friendly Webcomics Coming to Print

I have a minor obsession with webcomics.  Okay fine, with comics in general, but webcomics hold a special place in my heart for how easy they are to sell to teens.  Oh, you love your phone, but want something other than social media to look at?  BOOM, webcomics.  I am also always pumped to hear that a webcomic will be making it's debut as a print book and over at SLJ Brigid Alverson has compiled a useful list of 8 teen-friendly webcomics joining the world of print in 2018.

The list includes:
Homestuck (Andrew Hussie), a detailed fantasy about what happens when internet friends embark on a game together.

Space Boy (Stephen McCranie), where our protagonist, Amy, leaves the space colony where she grew up to attend high school on the Earth she has never seen.

Check Please!: Hockey (Ngozi Ukazu), in which Eric "Bitty" shares in mostly first-person narrative his shift from figure skating to hockey.

Check out the whole article and book list HERE.

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