Friday, May 1, 2020

DIY Family Activities for SLP from CSLP

On May 1, CSLP published an addition to their manual to help provide libraries with more options and tips in adapting SLP activities during a time of social distancing and limits on the size of groups gathering. The resource has over 100 pages of low-cost, no-cost DIY activities for all ages for libraries to distribute.

They write: "This resource includes ideas from our current and past manuals that have been adapted in order to be used straight from the pages or altered for your particular needs. It contains six weeks of content highlighting early literacy, children, teens, adults, and families. The materials are divided by age group and are designed to be distributed directly to patrons as printed packets or online in a way that works best for your library. All activities provided are intended for patrons to do at home and are little to no cost."  

To access this outstanding resource, go the the CSLP website and click on the orange "Summer 2020 Additional Resources in Response to COVID-19" tab at the top of the page.

For a more editable version CSLP members are encouraged to sign into their CSLP account and access content from the online manuals.

Once logged into the Online Manual
1.      Scroll down to the “Artwork and Program Files” section of the manual
2.      On the righthand sidebar locate the “Summer 2020 Reimagined” category
3.      Click on the checkbox to the immediate right of “Summer 2020 Reimagied” to bring up a list of all the files, or
4.      Click on the “+” icon to the right to bring up the age group categories.

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