Monday, February 12, 2024

All the News for Youth Librarians

As blog administrator,  I am often asked if it's hard to find all the content that we provide on the blog throughout the year.

My simple answer: Nope.

We receive lots of information from folks in the WI youth library community at DPI, CCBC, UW- Madison iSchool, our library systems, our YSS board, ALA and WLA, to name just a few sources.

We also have our guest contributors like Sam Jones, Ashley Borman, Hanna Collins and Alison Loewen who share ideas and news.

Another source of information comes from blogs like Teen Librarian Toolbox, Jbrary, and the ALSC blog, newsletters and Facebook groups like Programming Librarian.

So news flows pretty easily to the blog and makes my job of getting it scheduled and to you easy-peasy!

Recently, Jbrary published a great list of newsletters that are perfect for any children's librarian. I think subscribing to these will give you lots of ideas!

Lindsey writes: "How do you stay connected to the wider field of child development and book publishing? I used to fill those buckets with social media and blogs, but these days I find myself turning to newsletters. For one, I can set them aside until I have the brain space to give them my full attention. Two, I can sort them into folders and refer back as needed."

Please stop here to get the full list of newsletters and their links. [Newsletters for Children's Librarians. Krabbenhoft, Lindsey. Jbrary blog. February 6, 2024.]

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