Friday, April 27, 2012

It Takes a Village--and a University

Thanks to Georgia Jones, Youth Services Librarian at the C.A. Friday Library in New Richmond, for this guest post!

Collaborative programs have won a place in my heart. It opens up another level of programming, brings new people into the library, allows us to highlight the skills of people in our community, and gives me an opportunity to see the library through fresh eyes.

Last summer we had teachers volunteer to do weekly storytimes during the summer. They were just great! It was fun for families to meet the teachers and share a different "take" on storytime every week. It goes without saying how much I appreciated having a program I did not have to prepare!

We recently had a group of education students from a nearby university provide a wonderful program for us. Every year, the students in this class are required to provide a program for the community. This particular group chose the library to volunteer their efforts…..hooray! These energetic students wanted to do a Harry Potter event for the tweens/teens. We met a number of times prior to the night of the party and I tried to provide some tips and tricks for a successful event. They came prepared and full of enthusiasm!

Sooooooooooooooooo…….if you have not tapped into your community talent, start tapping!

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