Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Teen Tech Week

Teen Tech Week is right around the corner - March 5-11. The theme is "Be a Source of Change" and is about how technology can be used for social change. Dawn Abron's Blog is hosting 18 Days of Teen Tech Programming for inspiration. The ideas can work anytime of the year, especially with the CSLP's theme "Build a Better World".

If Teen Tech Week snuck up on you but you want to something, Dawn's Day 1 suggestion, creating a zine, might be a good passive option. This is a low tech option but markers were once advanced technology. Put out paper, markers, old magazines, scissors, and glue along with instructions in your teen area. You can offer inspiration for topics like what would you can in your town, library, or world. Ask teens to share their zines with you. Maybe one would be willing to talk about their zine and process in a video that you can post on YouTube or Facebook.

Another passive idea is an online scavenger hunt to get teens familiar with the library's website along with other useful and reliable sites.  If you are short on time, Education World has many ready-made themed hunts. You can offer more computer time or fine reduction if they do the scavenger hunt. Or have a drawing for gift cards to local businesses.

What are doing for Teen Tech Week?

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