Thursday, March 23, 2017

What Donald Trump Doesn't Understand About Libraries

Now, I'm normally not a Cosmo reader.  I usually lean more Real Simple and Nat Geo with my magazine taste, but Margaret H. Willison recently shared a wonderful perspective piece on libraries and the proposed federal budget that I wanted to share.  She talks about the challenges of explaining all that libraries do, including bridging vocabulary gaps between toddlers at varying economic levels and the challenge of getting broadband service to rural communities. The short-sightedness of the current proposed federal budget, with it's deep cut to federal funding to libraries is also brought into perspective.  Check out the whole article HERE.  Also, explore the IMLS website for information about grants, events, and research.  And HERE is how ALA has responded to the proposal.

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Heidi said...

There are some excellent facts and talking points about the value of libraries and LSTA funding in the Cosmo article linked to this post. The map is great! However, the personal political point of view expressed by Margaret Wilson (particularly in the last paragraph)is likely to turn aside members of congress who are best positioned to save IMLS and members of our state legislature who are best positioned to support state budget and other library initiatives. Please be wary of that before you forward and/or link Wilson's article through social media where your professional point of view (or that of your library) needs to remain positive and bipartisan in these times as you advocate in positive ways for our work.