Sunday, April 19, 2020

Working From Home During COVID-19

For many of us, it has been over a month since we began sheltering in place - working from home; parenting and schooling our kids from home; learning ALL.THE.THINGS. to program virtually or remotely; missing our other friends and family members we can't see in person. During that time we have had moments of grace and gratitude and stress and anxiety as the pandemic wreaks havoc on what once passed for normal in our lives and world. Many of us are now facing reduced hours and furloughs creating more stress.

While we don't have answers, we do want to share some excellent resources and thoughtful blog posts we came across this weekend and hope they help you get centered and find a few solutions to your work from home.

  • The above graphic is based on a screen capture from Tessa Michaelson Schmidt's 4/17/20 Friday FAQs update that she received in an email attachment. She shared it and it's worth sharing again (thanks to Wina Mortenson of Galesville (WI) Public Library who re-did it as a PDF)
  • The always wise Karen Jensen who blogs at Teen Librarian Toolbox for SLJ has a moving and honest assessment of what the past month has been like for her and for her teens: It's Okay Not to Be Okay in a Pandemic.  She has two outstanding resources to share in this post as well.
  • Rose Hopkins-LaRocco shares some important tips when you are managing staff remotely during this time. Her thoughtful, supportive approach is a must-read in Managing From Afar on the ALSC blog.
Remember, you got this from whatever place you are coming from.

Be well.

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