Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Digital Storytimes - You Do You!

Katherine Schoofs, Aram (WI) Public Library does a Snuggly Storytime
Many of us are doing storytimes; sharing a book; or talking directly with our kids and families through the use of Facebook Live or youtube. If you are doing these storytimes, it's really important to remember, there is no right way. 

Find what you are comfortable with, what fits your kids best and what you think connects books and you to the kids in whatever format or style. Your presence is reassuring and your sharing and connection remotely is the most important thing.  You can do it live; you can record it ahead. You decide. 

If you want to see sample storytimes or find resources to inspire you, there is no better place than Jbrary's Storytime Online Resources post which is constantly updated with new links and sample digital storytimes. You can also find links at the end of this post under "Online Storytimes" that can help you decide what you are going to do. 

No matter what you do, make it your own and DO NOT FEEL PRESSURE. Even a reassuring few words to the kids can make a huge difference. You are an important grown-up in their lives - a "helper" that Mr. Rogers encouraged children to seek out.

I love the comment Jess, a librarian, put on an earlier COVID-19 series Youth Services Shout-out blog post: She wrote: "I did a live story and craft last week and have now slowly settled into a routine of prerecording and posting a video for the younger kids once a week and a video for the older kids once a week and likely a song and sign once a week. I think my biggest struggle has been just not feeling efficient. It takes me just as much time to plan a 15 minute segment as my usual 45-60 minute programs. And also comparing what I'm doing to other librarians.

So, things I tell myself about every half hour when I'm "clocked in":
It is ok if what I'm doing looks different from what other librarians are doing.
It is ok if what I am doing takes me longer than usual.
It is ok to take more breaks in my day and to remember to just breathe.

I can't stop, because I honestly feel that library work is important to my community. And I know I'm not the only librarian who is passionate about this. So whatever little things we can do to keep our heads and carry on are really important. Definitely take care of yourself and of those around you so we can keep doing the beautiful, magical things we do in the world!"

So you do you and it will be wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you (I'm in tears) - I am on day 2 of working from home. I miss my library kids terribly and want to do whatever I can but I am struggling trying to find a new routine/schedule. Your words have been incredibly reassuring - and made me take a much needed breath - which has allowed me some new perspective and for that... Thank you!