Sunday, March 22, 2020

Want Permission? Current Info on Publishers and Authors

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[Updated 4/23/20]
Publisher and author permissions as well as information about fair use in using books in online programs has been updating fast and furiously.

So far, the best go-to resources I've seen are:
  • This Google Doc curated by Leah Langby, Library Development and Youth Services Consultant at the IFLS Library System in WI with information and links on copyright and information on public domain.
  • Read Aloud Canadian Books Program - a one stop website created by the Association of Canadian Publishers to help find access to publisher permissions and guidelines.
  • Publisher Permissions List provides a link to the website of the larger publishers with specific guidelines platforms, availability length, and how to provide credit.
There is also an excellent article Fair Use and Exigent Circumstances by Kyle Courtney, librarian/lawyer/copyright guy in his COVID-19, Copyright Library Superpowers series and this fair use in a crisis article in SLJ

ALA's Carrie Russell, copyright specialist in ALA's Public Policy and Advocacy Office weighs in in this blog post from ALA's Programming Librarian: "Online Storytime & Corona Virus: It's Fair Use, Folks"Do read the whole article. It does not promote unlimited fair use but speaks specifically to what we are going through.

A group of copyright leaders examine fair use in light of the COVID-19 pandemic; includes webinar link.

Word is out that there is a small group from CO's CLEL and ALSC working on a doc of best practices for virtual storytime including music permissions. Stay tuned....

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