Friday, April 10, 2020

Friday FAQs for WI Youth Librarians

We are so lucky in WI!! Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, our statewide Youth and Inclusive Services Consultant, is asking for your input on concerns and questions you have during this difficult time. Each Friday she will share information, answers and shout-outs based on your input.

Here is her note and resources along with the link to the first recording for 4/10/20. Thank you Tessa!

Dear Library Staff Serving Youth,

Happy Friday! As promised, I offer you the very first recording of Friday FAQs for Youth Services. It’s not perfect (heads up around the 9:00 mark for a minor re-do), but I hope that it informative and helpful. The slides used in the recording are attached as a PDF. Also, the FAQ Friday form is open for your input on next week’s episode.

FAQ Friday 4/10/2020 recording

Resources related to this week’s topics:

COVID-19 Information for Wisconsin Public Libraries
See Library Services à Examples of Remote Library Services

Youth Service Shout-Out: YSS Blog
Tons of tips from your Wisconsin peers

Important considerations from the ISTE Librarians Blog

Virtual Storytime for Beginners from the Arizona State Library
A 41 minute tutorial from your Arizona peers

Virtual Storytime Resource Guide from ALSC
Not fully stocked yet, but bookmark this growing toolkit and check back soon

Be well,

Tessa Michaelson Schmidt
Public Library Consultant – Youth and Inclusive Services
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
(608) 267-5077

Links to YSS COVID-19 series:
Online Storytimes
SLP & Programming Resources
Re-Opening and Safety Issues
Permissions (Books, Authors and Music)
      Music Permissions? Look No Further  3/27/20; updated 3/31/20
Professional Development
Kids Resources
WI Online Program Data
Friday FAQs with Tessa Michaelson Schmidt
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Taking Care of You

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