Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Staying Safe? More Online Programming Resources During COVID-19

Lisa Von Draseck writes: "I urge ALSC members to down load and share my writing box book. The project  began during the asbestos crises in NYC when schools were closed. It is adaptable And free."

Follow #operationreadaloud on Facebook to see updated crowd-sourced content of authors reading aloud

Also check out this Romper post for lists of authors reading 

Another great post with author and publisher sponsored read-alouds gathered in one place from Growing Book by Book

A great post from Jen at Adventures in Storytime on  the need to close libraries with great links.

Some really great new resources in this rich blog post from Imagination Soup. #kidlitquarantine

Quick links to other YSS COVID-19 series post
Programming Resources
Permissions (Books, Authors and Music)
      Music Permissions? Look No Further  3/27/20; updated 3/31/20
Online Storytimes
Kids Resources
Professional Development
WI Online Program Data
Taking Care of You

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